Today I am 21 weeks pregnant and still seeing Dr. Celada weekly as the hour in general has become a great zen and bonding time for my unborn child and I. Not to mention, she offers great restorative help for my changing body. Extremely knowledgeable with ligament pains as well and offering relief.

Beyonca De La Paz

Dr. Celada is one of the best fertility acupuncturists/herbalists in the U.S. I highly recommend her.

Mike Berkley

I am a true proponent of acupuncture therapy and Chinese herbs that are tailored for the individual in order to address fertility issues. The treatment is not time-consuming, and actually very relaxing.


Dr. Celeda was fantastic!!! She not only helps through acupuncture, but is so very supportive throughout the whole fertility journey!

Meg Jacobs

Dr. Celada really knows how to find the sources of pain and magically make them disappear! I always feel better after a Treatment with her.

Gloria Villasmil

I recently received various treatments with Dr. Celada for pain and inflammation in preparation for an upcoming race. Treatments were very successful and I was able to compete pain-free!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Vicky L. Vega
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