Farrar Duro here, reproductive acupuncturist and founder & host of The PCOS Revolution, a cutting-edge podcast where I interview PCOS experts and cysters who share their pearls of wisdom on how to kick PCOS symptoms to the curb once and for all!

Why I Developed The PCOS Revolution

After nearly 20 years of working with PCOS in my own practice and kicking it to the curb personally, I felt compelled to offer more support for other women going through it. Just taking a supplement here and there or committing to an unsustainable diet is not the same as having a support system and tried-and-true plan in place. PCOS doesn’t have to be complicated, and you are not alone!

Listen every week as I interview doctors, psychologists, and cysters who share their struggles...let’s get started!

Your Most Burning PCOS Questions Answered With Dr. Farrar Duro


Episode: “Your Most Burning PCOS Questions Answered With Dr. Farrar Duro” Welcome to Episode 10 of Season 2 of the The PCOS Revolution podcast. In this episode, I answer your most burning questions about PCOS from listener emails. So if you want to know what type of PCOS you may have, learn what type is…

PR: Uncovering Hidden Causes Of Infertility with Health Coach Sarah Clark


In this episode, Sarah Clark and I discuss what often-overlooked lab tests could be crucial to your success with overcoming infertility. So if you want to discover how to overcome diet and stress fertility bombs, get healthier while getting more fertile, and increase your chances of having a smoother pregnancy, tune in now!

PR: Real World Nutrition For PCOS: Tips From Expert Nutritionist Angela Grassi


If you want to have a clear plan on what to eat and what to avoid, alleviate fears around certain foods, and discover which supplements can also benefit fertility then let Farrar Duro, DOM, FABORM and PCOS nutrition expert Angela Grassi, MS, RDN, LDN show you how to incorporate supplements and nutrition effectively into your PCOS wellness strategy to lead to easier weight loss and pregnancies.

PR: Defying the Odds and Overcoming Infertility After Meds Failed, Jessica’s Story


One of our amazing patients shares her journey in defying the odds in achieving not only one, but two healthy pregnancies after medications failed her. Episode: “Defying the Odds and Overcoming Infertility After Meds Failed, Jessica’s Story” Welcome to Episode 8, Season 2 of the The PCOS Revolution. In this episode, Jessica and I discuss…

PR: Like Mother, Like Daughter-Michelle’s Story


Welcome to Episode 7, Season 2 of the The PCOS Revolution. When Michelle’s mom found out that her daughter had PCOS, she wasn’t too surprised. Listen as Michelle Watson of the PCOS Awareness Association tells her story of self-discovery and the surprising gifts that being diagnosed with PCOS brought. In this episode, you’ll discover: -What…