Confronting My Weakest Link: Meal Prep

Welcome to Episode 6 of Season 4 of The PCOS Revolution Podcast

Confronting My Weakest Link: Meal Prep!

It’s time for some brutal honesty here…meal prep has never been a favorite pastime of mine! However, if done consistently it can lead to huge changes in your energy, weight, sleep and stress level. Here’s what we discuss on today’s show:
-How to finally get strategies in place for meal prepping and menu planning each week
-Ideas for meal delivery services such as Home Chef
-Ways to incorporate lists and templates into your routine

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Happy Menu Planning!
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About the author, Farrar

Farrar Duro here, reproductive acupuncturist at Florida Complete Wellness and founder & host of The PCOS Revolution, a cutting-edge podcast where I interview PCOS experts and cysters who share their pearls of wisdom on how to kick PCOS symptoms to the curb once and for all!

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