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Help! Acne At 35?!?

We’ve been seeing a rash of acne in our clinic lately, and not of the adolescent type. PCOS, aka polycystic ovarian syndrome, can wreak havoc on your skin due to abnormally high levels of testosterone and other subtle hormonal imbalances. Since getting acne under control is an important step in achieving hormonal health in women with PCOS, we have been enlisting some important helpers on the road to clear and radiant skin.

1. Staying hydrated with plenty of filtered water throughout the day

2. Increasing intake of vitamin D

3. Using bioidentical progesterone cream if not on oral contraceptives

4. Scheduling regular facials and incorporating our clinic’s Clear Cell line of topical acne products

5. Using saw palmetto if T levels are high

About the author, Farrar

Farrar Duro here, reproductive acupuncturist at Florida Complete Wellness and founder & host of The PCOS Revolution, a cutting-edge podcast where I interview PCOS experts and cysters who share their pearls of wisdom on how to kick PCOS symptoms to the curb once and for all!

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