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Farrar Duro here, reproductive acupuncturist and founder & host of The PCOS Revolution, a cutting-edge podcast where I interview PCOS experts and cysters who share their pearls of wisdom on how to kick PCOS symptoms to the curb once and for all!

Why I Developed The PCOS Revolution

After nearly 20 years of working with PCOS in my own practice and kicking it to the curb personally, I felt compelled to offer more support for other women going through it. Just taking a supplement here and there or committing to an unsustainable diet is not the same as having a support system and tried-and-true plan in place. PCOS doesn’t have to be complicated, and you are not alone!

To go even deeper on all of the topics we cover in the podcast, you can now be part of my brand new PCOS Revolution Academy!

Listen every week as I interview doctors, psychologists, and cysters who share their struggles...let’s get started!

Exercise 101 With The PCOS Personal Trainer Erika Volk

By Farrar Duro | Jan 29, 2019 |

Welcome to Episode 3 of Season 4 of The PCOS Revolution podcast In this episode, you’ll discover: -What exercise strategies work best for PCOS if you’re just starting out or want a concrete plan -How to get the most out of your home workouts -The tremendous benefits of exercise for insulin resistance To learn more…

Behind the Scenes of Our Top 3 Episodes of 2018

By Farrar Duro | Jan 22, 2019 |

Hello and welcome back to Season 4, Episode 2 of the PCOS Revolution podcast! I’m so glad to get back to our weekly schedule now that the holiday madness has calmed down a bit so if you’re subscribed to our podcast you’ll see a new episode now every Tuesday morning in your podcast feed. As…

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Most Women Make When Trying to Overcome PCOS

By Farrar Duro | Jan 15, 2019 |

Welcome to Episode 1 of Season 4 of The PCOS Revolution podcast The Five Biggest Mistakes Most Women Make When Trying to Overcome Their PCOS Symptoms Over the past two decades, I’ve worked with hundreds of women in my clinic with PCOS  who wanted to overcome their symptoms of weight gain, acne, mood swings and…

Over One Hundred Pounds Lost: Joesee’s Story

By Farrar Duro | Jan 1, 2019 |

Welcome to Episode 12 of Season 3 of The PCOS Revolution podcast Happy New Year!! To kick off 2019 the right way, we speak our own licensed massage therapist Joesee Jacobs of Florida Complete Wellness to discuss how she managed to lose 130 pounds following her PCOS diagnosis as a teenager. Growing up, Joesee struggled with…

PCOS, Infertility & Supplements-Your Questions Answered

By Farrar Duro | Dec 18, 2018 |

Welcome to Episode 11 of Season 3 of The PCOS Revolution podcast In the final part of our three-part series, we dive into the Q & A from our Unexplained Infertility and Recurrent Miscarriage webinar to discuss: How to find out the right dosage of Vitamin D3 prior to conceiving Our top 6 PCOS supplements…