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FCW Hormone Root Wellness Solution



Identify hormonal imbalances caused by overwork, stress, diet and/or pain


Focus on balancing insulin with low-carb, gluten-free Mediterranean or vegetarian diet



Match tested hormone levels with your symptoms to help individualize a treatment plan



Retest to monitor and adjust treatment as needed and track progress with follow-up test reports

"I cannot recommend Dr. Celada highly enough. She is so knowledgeable in women's health issues. She is specially trained in the practice of Mayan abdominal massage, and a session will leave you feeling like a new person. The regular acupuncture sessions are also excellent. The center is pristine, quiet and so relaxing. Everyone who works there is super nice. I can't wait to go back soon!"

- mbvansmith

"I can not speak highly enough about Florida Complete Wellness. The facial and massage staff are great! In addition, Dr. Duro works hard to ensure that your needs as a patient are met. She spends ample time with each one of her patients to address their unique concerns. Each time I left this office, I felt as if my concerns were heard and addressed rather than feeling rushed out. Thank you Florida Complete Wellness!!"

- Haley H

"I was referred to Florida Complete Wellness by my sister, who has been seeing Dr. Celada for a while now and has seen amazing results with her Mayan treatment. She is very patient (takes her time to explain everything), experienced and not to mention super nice! I absolutely love the relaxing atmosphere. Thank you so much for helping my sister, daughter and me!"

- JB

"Florida Complete Wellness has provided Excellent Services for the 8 years that I have been a Client. Great personal Care, excellent customer Services and the Follow-up Conversation consistently exhibits the caring nature of Dr. Celeda. I would recommend Florida Complete Wellness to everyone."

- Christina Lloyd

"The stress of "aging" has been difficult for me, mentally and physically. The staff , including Dr. Celada herself, have helped me learn how to relax and truly enjoy my retirement years by their amazing facials, massages, acupuncture and more importantly, their positivity towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle, no matter what your age. Thank you, Florida Complete Wellness!!"

- Marty Pickett

Because feeling just "okay" isn't good enough...

Hi, I'm Farrar Duro

​I remember like it was yesterday...the moment I decided to make a major change in the course of my life and pursue Chinese medicine studies. In the dark ages of the mid-to-late 1990's, before Google and Wikipedia, I was in undergraduate school and had no clue what was wrong with me.

My cycles would come as go as they pleased, wreaking havoc on my hormones and sometimes disappearing for several months. No longer able to cope with what felt like weeks of never-ending PMS complete with bloating, mood swings and intolerable anxiety I decided to seek help.

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